Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hello Everyone who is not reading this. Just decided to give a little update. These times of the year bring out something special, and I have a good positive attitude about the progression of Mrs Pitts Productions. Now, my personal life is in a pretty low valley right now, but I still have some good feelings. I think MrsPittsProductions will be active in a lot of different projects this coming year, from producing new music, to being involved in a few possible web series, and also focusing on sounds for Film, T.V series, Video Games, and many more media outlets. This should be a growing year, where I would like to interact with more fans and co-artists. I am looking forward to seeing results and seeing if I have what it takes to be dedicated, talented, fearless, creative, and unique enough to make my mark in the industry. I hope you can come along for the journey.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Alright Guys, So I know no one is really watching or following me quite yet, but just incase, Ill give you an update. I have been major slacking on videos, and songs for that matter. Call it a creative wall that I have crashed into. Speaking of crash, I crashed my truck about month and a half back, and it is still in the shop. Now, I know that should mean, hey, more time to be forced to stay at home, which should result in more and better videos and songs right? Wrong..Along with the crash, I have had some personal matters arise, and have hit a wall emotionally as well. For the last few weeks however, I have been on track to coming back. I have been reading a lot, (The Power of Positive Thinking, which I recommend to everyone), thinking a lot, (which actually isn't that good for me), and getting back to consistently going to the gym, and running much more on a consistent basis as well. I have been having my financial troubles, (which I am sure everyone is having as well), but look to have a nice tax return come my way to get me on the right track to getting back on my feet. On some positive notes, I did graduate (B.A in Psychology, Minor in Music Technology) (finally, however the University has still yet to mail me my degree) and am taking some time to think about my next major step. I know it will include getting MrsPittsProductions off the ground. Aright enough babble. Today, I was inspired by a little Tom Petty Tune, and although it has a long way to go, I put a sample out on my SoundCloud, which should have a link on the side of my profile. (I have also had a loss in technical support (no more camera), so until I save enough for another one, I will just be posting mp3's on sound cloud.  I really do appreciate anyone who is reading this, and I will not let you down... Until next time...
P.s.s The real Mrs Pitts, shown on my picture, has lost her soul mate Elliot in the recent weeks, she is pretty depressed, but has been lucky to have 2 new friends, Cali and Grace, (beautiful marble eyed pugs), join her.
P.s.s.s Speaking of pugs, another dog has recently joined Elliot in doggy heaven. Milo, my good friend Ryan's pug. The original Marble eyes, chocolate pretzel, fadass. A pug of many names, and of many great memories. They will both be missed dearly.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quick Update

Hello everyone, well this is my last semester in college, and Ive been working a lot in the studio, and have put aside the videos just for a short time. However, Mrs Pitts Productions is still on the go. I am currently collaborating with Las Vegas Band The Sold Suns. I recently have made a meet the band video, along with  getting them in the studio and producing one of their songs, and hopefully an album. You can check out their interview on my Youtube page..also check out the Solid Suns      http://www.thesolidsuns.com/ More Videos to come, I have a good feeling about the next year, stay tuned!